Trust is described as ‘one in which confidence is placed.’

Placing confidence in something always speaks to me of expectation.

There is an expectation a result will be achieved.

The product of trust and action is a result.

In particular, when you consider delegating your tasks and place your confidence in your Virtual Assistant, how is trust built?

Below are five key tips to building trust with your Virtual Assistant and achieving those productive results.

#5 Grab a Coffee Together

A great discussion over a good brew is where some of the healthiest friendships are developed.

Time with another and getting to know them is a natural process in a friendship. I know personally some of my longest and closest friendships have grown from first having a brew together. So, why is it important to do the same with your Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is the person you will rely on the most, so knowing their character is integral.

Firstly, you get to know their character. Their core values and their personality need to sit well with you – especially, when they will be representing you in one capacity or another.

What talent does your Virtual Assistant have that you are currently unaware of?

Secondly, as you converse over your drink, it’s easier for you to know of their key skills. What talent does your Virtual Assistant have that you are currently unaware of? That very talent could be the key to unlocking a potential task to delegate to them. In turn you’ll have time to focus on what you need to.

The nature of being ‘virtual’ brings with it a new means to having coffee together. It’s so much easier to contact one another via Skype and other means. Leaving the office to have a coffee together may not even be necessary – your Virtual Assistant could be anywhere in the world.

A problem shared is a problem halved

 #4 Share your Challenges

I’m not talking about a deep and meaningful here, although if that takes your fancy, I’m sure your Virtual Assistant will offer an open ear.

Specifically, what challenges are you facing in your day to day working life?

Pop them down in a list. If you are not sure what they are – take a week to make a diary of all your activities. Share those challenges that take up the most of your time – your Virtual Assistant may have a solution to hand for you.

A good Virtual Assistant, even if they don’t have the answer, will do their best to find a solution for you.

Personally, that’s one of the reasons I joined The North West VA Hub  – there is a hub of professional Virtual Assistant’s with a fantastic set of skills – to know they are trustworthy and can be called upon at any time and with any question, is a great assurance for my clients.

 #3 Being Faithful with a Little

Building trust can be a matter of time, done well, it can have longevity. Often the best means to build trust is by handing over or divulging something small so that you learn of the other person – their skills, their expertise and their dedication.

I’m not suggesting a process of handing a task over, then, if it doesn’t suit finding another Virtual Assistant pronto.

The means to move forward here is to delegate a task so that you can see how it is handled and processed by your Virtual Assistant.

In this way you learn how they work and they learn how you prefer your ideas to be processed.

When you are shown how a person is faithful with a little, in that process, trust will develop for them to be faithful with more.


image#2 Interact

Trust is built through strong communication.

Think about the strongest relationships you have in your life.

How often do you communicate together?

Communication with your Virtual Assistant is of a similar nature; in order for your working relationship to be strong, good communication is needed.

Interaction on a regular basis develops trust – regular conversations on the phone, meetings, supporting one another on Social Media or at events, the whole process is a great way to build trust with your Virtual Assistant. Knowing you have the support of those you rely on is a great reassurance.

Regular interaction helps your Virtual Assistant know your goals, aspirations plus they can be a key role in looking out for potential tasks that may need to taken care of. Plus their support it boosts confidence in yourself.

 #1 Develop a Team

Boosting your productivity will get results.

Developing a strong team around you is a healthy means to boosting your productivity.

When building trust with your Virtual Assistant it’s important to work alongside them with a team mind set.

If neither of you are on the same page, the cracks quickly appear and trust can be broken. Avoiding this through regular interaction is key.

A good Virtual Assistant will act as a member of your team, with your best interests in mind.

Your Virtual Assistant is collaborating with you to get the best results. This is a key quality to look for when considering a Virtual Assistant, ask yourself; ‘Can we work together as a team?’

When this is built in a healthy way a great team can achieve a lot. Personally, this is a massive part of my goal at Admin Tones – it’s a pleasure to support my clients with their productivity and see their goals achieved through team work.

Building trust – Is it any different to building personal friendships or relationships?

Built well, trust can and will be maintained for a long period of time. In any relationship that can prove unique, but, in business it can be particularly special.

When trust is built well with my clients, I can see it is producing results, no matter how small their productivity, they are well on their way to being greater than it was previously.

Have some of points above resonated with you? Maybe there is a task that will help you achieve your goal, but you don’t have time to complete yourself, perhaps Admin Tones could help?

Hope you are well!

Your Authentic PA,

– Jo