Introducing Your Award Winning Virtual Assistant

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder what the point of it all is? It is true; some days seem overwhelming, particularly when seemingly nothing is going right. Let me encourage you, no matter how dark conditions seem, it is pivotal to keep going. No matter what circumstances portray, there is hope for you.

When I set out in business in 2009, I had no idea how frustrating it could get. A few months back I experienced a time of questioning my business and its purpose. Perhaps you have encountered something similar in your business, charity or in your role as a legal practitioner?

I was searching for direction, motivation and answers, but through the questioning it occurred to me that it was down to my decision to provide the answer. Your decision can provide the answer for you, your business, and your charity or in your legal practice.

Setting the wheels in motion

Granted, at times situations are out of our control and it is literally a matter of waiting it out. However, this particular season was a matter of a breaking out. With that in mind, I took action. I realised that the only way of changing the outcome was to actually step out of my comfort zone and do something about it. Stepping out of your comfort zone allows for new opportunity.

It was time I gave myself a chance, that challenge, to propel Admin Tones further and so I applied for the Be My VA Virtual Assistant of the Year Award.

I wasn’t nervous as I filled out the entry form, because I knew that it was a new venture and what would be, either way, would be a good outcome. Allow yourself a break. Give yourself the chance, set the wheels in motion, you won’t know unless you try.

In the wait…

A few weeks went by. In the meantime, I continued the process I had promised myself; ‘Make a choice and take action. You never know, unless you try something new.’ In those few short weeks, as I sought new things, my perspective began to change. I began to see how I could assist client’s more.

In the excitement leading up to the North West Virtual Assistant I had totally forgotten about the award application, in fact, given that I hadn’t heard anything, I presumed I hadn’t been successful.

Award Winning Virtual Assistant Manchester celebrates

Becoming an Award Winning Virtual Assistant….Time to celebrate!

I was truly honoured to receive notification that I had been short listed for the Be My VA Virtual Assistant of the Year award. To me, it was already a win, an accomplishment of what I had set out to achieve.

Being announced and awarded as a finalist of the North West Virtual Assistant of the Year at the inaugural North West Virtual Assistant Conference was exceedingly above anything I imagined. There is such potential and fantastic expertise amongst the North West Virtual Assistant’s; I am blessed to be a part of such a talented group of people.

To be endorsed by experts within the field is a privilege. John Palmer of Be My VA, recognised Admin Tones has; “excellent standards for clients” and ‘‘significant evidence of many hours of continual professional development, including qualifications in the Legal sector.’

WOW! This is genuinely far beyond what I had expected. It’s an amazing achievement.

Truthfully, I am proud of what has been accomplished. It is an honour to carry this award on behalf of Admin Tones and our clients. Not only is it an acknowledgement that hard work pays off, but it also speaks of the quality of services Admin Tones aspires to provide for business owners, charities and the legal professionals.

What have I learnt through this experience?

Perseverance is a matter of choice. When all seems lost, it would be easy to give up and let go of what could have been, but there is no reward in that. Reward comes from making a choice; taking action and even when it’s tough, seeing it through.

I can now say; I am an award winning Virtual Assistant located in Manchester. I wouldn’t have been able to say that before unless I had taken the opportunity to step out.

I have learnt that it is good and acceptable to yearn for something more. A few weeks prior to my award, my thoughts were distracting. It was my belief that aspiring to attain my dreams was so far off, almost unachievable. However, let me encourage you, there is breakthrough available. Personally, this award is proof that nothing is impossible. In fact, we can accomplish more than we envisage.

When we reach out, aspire toward something greater than ourselves, it is closer that we can imagine. Sometimes, the solution is a matter of changing our thinking pattern, or simply a point of awaiting the right point in time. Most importantly the sum of the matter is belief. A positive attitude is a catalyst for change.

North West Virtual Assistant Finalist

A new perpespective!

Through this experience my attention has been drawn to new a perspective. As we are faithful to the goal and push forward to fulfil it, it is not just our individual interest that shares in the end success. The success, in a powerful effect, allows those in your sphere of influence to reap the reward too.

Therefore, for me personally, this award means so much more. It stirs passion and confidence. This success is for you too. If, I can assist you, and as a consequence you are able to move to a higher level, then my role is worthwhile.

Do you want your business, your charity, or your legal practice reach a new level? Is there a goal you are aspiring to achieve but you are being distracted by your to-do list? Or you may have  a specific project; however, your time is consumed by responding to emails and enquiries?

I’d like to help you achieve your aspirations.

Your time is too precious to be distracted from achieving your goals. I’d like to help you relinquish your time to achieve your goals.

Let Admin Tones take care of your to-do list, emails and enquires so you can focus and therefore fulfil the important.

Don’t hold off, you can contact me here.

Hope you are well!

Your Authentic PA,
– Jo