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Is Delegation A Good Opportunity?

It has been said that delegation is one of the most important management skills we can own. So, is delegation a good opportunity?

In the business of life sometimes I can listen to something but [...]

Your Business Goals

“Edify – To Benefit” 
Sometimes a shake up is needed. Have you ever felt that if something is reorganised or stripped down and rebuilt that it is far better for your business, those around [...]

Your Virtual Assistant Tip – Take Time to Relax

I’ve just spoted this video and simply had to share it with you all.  The colours, journey and environment are absolutely super.

In our busy lives, taking time out to refocus, relax and unwind is [...]

Finishing Strong…

Jim Rohn one said
Motivation is what gets you started… Habit is what keeps you going.

What habits can you form today to help you succeed?

Habits can have a positive or negative effect. From [...]

Ideas Are Only Powerful When…

“The value of an idea lies in using it.”
– Thomas Edison

How many ideas have you had, put into action and used?

The value lies in actioning the idea and seeing it through.

Imagine the changes [...]