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Is Delegation A Good Opportunity?

It has been said that delegation is one of the most important management skills we can own. So, is delegation a good opportunity?

In the business of life sometimes I can listen to something but [...]

Introducing Your Award Winning Virtual Assistant

Introducing Your Award Winning Virtual Assistant

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder what the point of it all is? It is true; some days seem overwhelming, particularly when seemingly nothing [...]

5 Keys to Building Trust With Your Virtual Assistant

Trust is described as ‘one in which confidence is placed.’
Placing confidence in something always speaks to me of expectation.

There is an expectation a result will be achieved.

The product of trust and action is [...]

Your Business Goals

“Edify – To Benefit” 
Sometimes a shake up is needed. Have you ever felt that if something is reorganised or stripped down and rebuilt that it is far better for your business, those around [...]