It has been said that delegation is one of the most important management skills we can own. So, is delegation a good opportunity?

In the business of life sometimes I can listen to something but don’t actually hear what is said. Is it similar for you? I know personally I can be guilty of that, however, there are those moments when what is said will catch my attention.

Recently amongst business colleagues at Doing Biz for Yourself we conversed on seizing opportunity in business and a statement caught my attention.

This got me pondering.

How do we know an opportunity is good or is it just a case of taking a leap of faith?

Human nature generally likes that which it is comfortable in.  Any opportunity posed to an individual can be a case of facing the unknown.  A space where we have the choice to overcome fear of the unknown or to take it by the reins and jump in, even though we may be a little nervous about what may come.

Good oppotunities are seen in the result

Is Delegation A Good Opportunity?

Returning to the question of ‘is it a good opportunity or not?’  Yes, there are those opportunities that instinctively we know are good, and so we can grab them. A good opportunity can, at times, only be concluded in the result. In the process of this unfolding we may sometimes encounter hard lessons to swallow. However, as the saying goes “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.”

From my experience within the business community, delegation seems to be an area which is approached with trepidation.

I hear of many entrepreneurs, particular those starting out, who prefer to continue their business journey alone rather than with support. Of course, that’s their prerogative, however what happens when the pressure of running the business all yourself all too much? Or when, ‘I’ll do it in a minute’, becomes a task that will consume hours of your time? Where do you turn then?

Take your business to the next level

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Delegation has the potential to redefine your business.  You see any opportunity when seized causes what can only be described as a domino effect. That which was hidden before becomes available.   The opportunity to see your business grow into a new level can be daunting but yet the rewards are multiple. One task delegated could make all of the difference.

A problem shared is a problem halved

A problem shared is a problem halved with your Virtual Assistant

Delegation means being open to operating with a team mindset. A delegation partnership has the potential to propel your business to operate at a new level. The next level is when you can breathe a sigh of relief because you can concentrate on what you are best at rather than juggling several tasks you may not be proficient in.  That is the moment when you can say ‘I have more time to focus on something else now rather than spending hours on a mundane admin task.’

In response to our discussion I made a decision to seize more opportunities in business, particularly those that fit to my personal and business goals.

In the days following I saw via Social Media that Jan Lord of Guide Bridge Service and MOT Centre was active in the Business Spotlight on Tameside Radio every Monday with presenter Scott Bruton. In the introductory piece, Jan mentioned that they were looking to highlight important aspects of business for local entrepreneurs and welcomed support from the local business community. It is a passion of mine to support others in business, particularly locally. I contacted Jan to offer support with hints and tips in the area of delegation and administrative tasks. Little did I know that her response was to invite me along to contribute a guest interview in Tameside Radio’s Business Spotlight.  Was I nervous?  Yes, very.  It was something completely new for me.  However, from this experience I can say ‘You never know where an opportunity may lead.’

I’d like to offer you an opportunity. You can find out more about what it means to be a Virtual Assistant in Manchester and the delegation partnership that I build with my clients. Just click on the image below.

My interview starts in the very middle of the recording.

Radio Interview

Tameside Radio Interview with Jo Howlett of Admin Tones


If you had the opportunity of more time, to do more, in your business – what would you do?

A delegation partnership has the potential to redefine your business.

Delegation could be a good opportunity for you.

Has the above resonated with you? Can Admin Tones help? Contact Jo here.