A Thankful Attitude Overcomes…?

Sometimes a change seems necessary, other times it happens naturally.

Do we force a change to take place just because we’re uncomfortable with the situation or the pressure we are under? 

I know from personal experience that has sometimes happened, but im learning to come from a place of thankfulness.

Change is inevitable and living in such a swiftly paced world, of late, often we’re taken along for the ride without the chance to even blink.

With that in mind I decided a change was necessary with the way I blog here.

I’ve noticed recently that with change fear can be attached, which is natural, we’re never sure of the unknown, but I’ve come to the view that a way of combating the unknown is to focus on what is good with an attitude of gratefulness.

In a place of thankfulness an atmosphere of hope is produced. In that hope, the spirit of an overcomer is formed. I’m learning through this process that I can know that everything will work out for the best in the end.