We’ve all be there haven’t we? We have too much to do in too little time.
There’s a need to do everything by a deadline.
Or we have so many things to manage at once.

Pressure is defined as ‘a constraining or compelling force or influence.’

A compelling force or influence at times can be of a good nature. It can shape us into more than we thought we could be or to do things we never imagined possible. Some people even work better under pressure – encouraging them to produce their best work. If asked, I dare say any sportsman would tell you without some form of pressure there is no end result.

However, as entrepreneurs, what happens when pressure overwhelms and directs us down one path to a place where we are managing everything off of our own steam? Without support?

When pressure becomes overwhelming, it is known as a stressor.’

Stressors are those areas of our lives that form a burden of stress. An accumulation of those stressors ultimately can lead to serious health issues such as high blood pressure, an increased risk of heart disease and allergies to name just a few.

In our position as an entrepreneur, if we’re overwhelmed and carrying the pressure, or performing a balancing act – what is the answer to avoid the burden becoming a ‘stressor’ in our lives? We have the choice to avoid the burden of stress in our business.

Did you know that we were created to be a part of a team? Be it a family, a business, a sports team, a governing team, there are endless teams out there – so, why is it that as entrepreneurs the same doesn’t apply? There’s absolutely no reason why it can’t. We can choose to be a part of the solution. There is a process to elevate pressure becoming burdensome. There is an art to delegation.


The Art of Delegation Brought to You from Admin Tones


Have you considered creating your own team? Instead of being that solo entreprenuer, surely delegating those areas that are slowly creeping up and becoming ‘stressors’ is an art. In the example above, you will see as you delegate, there is capacity to switch your focus to the areas which produce your best work.

Does being free to focus on doing what you are best at, entrusting the task of potential burden to an expert in that field or a person who has the time to focus on it for you, sound appealing?


See how introducing our service to her business assisted Lisa Gibson from Triple Three Solutions in her delegation and had added benefit to her own clients:

– What was the task on your to-do list you needed assistance with?
I needed Jo to take notes and to provide transcription services whilst I was dealing with a client company grievance.

– How did Admin Tones assist you practically?
Jo attended the Grievance hearing with me to take notes and then was able to use the digitally recorded meeting to transcribe all of the investigatory meetings.

– How did you and your business benefit?
It saved me time and also provided my client with a cost effective solution without having to involve their own staff.


My thanks to Lisa for the opportunity to be able to assist you and to be a part of your business growth.

As you have read through this post, have some of points above resonated with you?

Admin Tones award winning Virtual Assistant Service is dedicated to assisting you with solutions that will save your time, benefit your business and personal life.
Collaborating closely with you, Admin Tones receives and completes your tasks – in return you have the capacity to focus on what you do best.