“Edify – To Benefit” 

Sometimes a shake up is needed. Have you ever felt that if something is reorganised or stripped down and rebuilt that it is far better for your business, those around you and for yourself?

Life seems to speed up when we are busy, and so those items or business goals that aren’t urgent get pushed down the to-do list further and further until we suddenly realise a whole year has passed and still nothing has changed.

Have you set changes for your business?

A change or shake up can make all the difference for you. It’s been a personal goal this year to reorganise a few areas of my business. One particular goal is the re-launch of Edify, Admin Tones news bulletin, which has been lying in the wings dormant for a little while.

Advantage to you..

Why Edify?

The word Edify means to add benefit and/or improve an object or individual. This encompasses the ethos of Admin Tones. It’s an honour to assist by receiving your time consuming task, which allows space for you to have your time back, so you can focus on what is important right now.

Edify is at hand to assist you to progress, improve and ultimately grow your business and benefit by living at a higher level than before. Within each of you, I believe, there is a gem being unravelled.

Instead of being passive, it’s time to act.

With you in mind I have decided it’s time to take action and provide an added service through Edify with hints, tips, themes and any special special offers that will be of benefit to you going forward.

If you are reading this for the first time and would like to sign up to receive further updates via Edify, please go to our sign up page here.

Something to consider…

Your business goals. If a shakeup is needed, what is the goal and combined action you need? If there is task that will help you achieve your goal, but you don’t have time to complete yourself, perhaps Admin Tones could help?

Wishing you a great week!

Your Authentic PA,

– Jo